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And while some may be pressured by higher labor costspushed higher by Clintons support for a higherminimum wagecompanies have been able to offset these expenses while benefiting from more well-positioned customers. And, franchise-oriented companieslike McDonalds ( MCD )should be more insulated. Meanwhile Credit Suisse noted that stocks with international exposureincluding the industrial sector specificallyare well-positioned under a Clinton White House. This is related to fear over the implications of candidate Donald Trumps isolationist views on trade, Calvasina said, which pose a risk to the economy and challenge the fundamental playbook that equity investors have had in place over the last decade, in which global exposure/sourcing is viewed as a good thing and a driver of growth. Plus, Clintonlike Trumpalso supports a big push in infrastructure spending, which should provide a boost to machinery names like Eaton ( ETN ) and Fluor ( FLR ), multi-industry names like United Technologies ( UTX ) and Honeywell ( HON ) along with aerospace and defense names like Boeing ( BA ). Sector risks Financials and health care could be more adversely affected in the short term over fears about increased regulatory pressures under Clinton, according to Credit Suisse. View photos However, these issues could be short-lived. For the financials, the passage of the election removes a barrier to Fed rate hikes, where the steepening yield curve is positive for the group. Credit Suisse specifically said it sees smaller regional banking names as out-sized winners, as they can avoid the issuesincluding heightened regulatory pressures, continued implementation of Dodd-Frank, and heightened scrutiny of consumer practicesthat the bulge bracket banks must face. One area that may be more permanently-negative? Lending names that focus on schools, because of increased scrutiny including SLM Corp ( SLM ). For-profit colleges like Apollo ( APOL ) are also likely to remain under pressure.

Still, theres evidence of a shift of Trumps demographic base, from the affluent to the more aspirational middle class. Will Johnson, an analyst at research firm BAV Consulting, which monitors brand perception for 3,500 brands, said that the Trump brand was collapsing among people with a household income of over $100,000 a กระเป๋า ZARA ของแท้ year. He really has alienated the upper socioeconomic group and the data has consistently shown that he is down on pretty much all the metrics we measure, Johnson said. Hes low on trust and high on arrogance. On the other hand, his brand is resonating more among those who make less than $100,000 a year. During the first nine months of the year, among that group, there was a 21 percent rise in people who think Donald Trump cares about customers and a 14 percent increase in those who think he is a visionary, according to BAV. Some say Trump could capitalize on that shift. In the short run, business gets damaged, but in the long run theres a lot of opportunity with less aspirational brands that target the middle- and lower-class, NYUs Galloway said. I think the Trump brand effectively dies in a Manhattan, but it thrives in some of the lower income, very red regions. One way to do that: start a conservative media network, as some analysts have floated. He could start the ultimate bro news network that caters to his core constituency, Galloway said. He could out-offend Fox. One hurdle: He would have to get a major cable or satellite company to give him bandwidth, and there isnt much to go around.

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