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Some studies have shown a link between tomatoes and a reduced prostate-cancer risk. See: Anheuser-Busch says its immigrant-story Super Bowl commercial has nothing to do with Trump Part of the issue with Bradys diet, say experts, is its dismissal of major food groups such as fruit and dairy. The villainization of entire food groups is something we need to take off the table, says sports nutritionist and Rumble boxing gym founding trainer Rob Sulaver, who notes yogurt can be a great source of both protein and gut-friendly probiotics. And for a man who skips fruit, Brady still has no problem promoting Unreal Candy a Boston brand that hawks additive-free, GMO-free takes on traditional sweets. In a video posted on his Facebook account last Halloween, Brady seductively bites into the companys peanut butter cups. Other elements of the football stars diet are based on half-truths, says Sulaver, such as his belief that heating extra-virgin olive oil can produce toxins a valid concern, but not at the temperatures at which one would cook most foods. [Olive oil] has a smoke point of around 400 degrees, so if you dont burn it, its perfectly safe, Sulaver says. Its a misunderstanding. As for his use of coconut oil in cooking, Harris-Pincus says shes not convinced its healthy. I have no problem with a little bit of coconut oil, but I have a problem with people thinking its a health elixir [and using it excessively], she says. I dont believe the science is there yet. Sulaver says that while hes glad Brady talks about nutrition so openly, hes concerned that the QBs approach could mislead fans without a background in nutrition. I call it looking at science through a straw, he says.

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