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The Los Angeles Kings and New York Rangers honored victims with commemorative patches, and with opening night tributes. On Oct. 4, the Kings gave a team jersey to Todd Bailey, son of Ace Bailey. Wayne Gretzky, then managing general partner of the Coyotes, was at center ice to honor his late roommates memory. The Rangers, meanwhile, opened their home season against the Buffalo Sabres on Oct. 7 with a 30-minute ceremony to honor the victims and their friends and families. Specifically, it was a moment to honor the FDNY and NYPD members who lost their lives, with members of those teams skating out to form a human tunnel through which the Rangers appeared in the ice. Also making an appearance at the ceremony: The helmet of Ray Downey, the FDNYs Chief of Special Operations, who perished at Ground Zero. From the Rangers website: Noticing that Mark Messier was bareheaded, FDNY hockey co-captain Larry McGee of Engine 66 in the Bronx had a spontaneous idea. I said to the other captain on our team, Gimme that hat.

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